About Me

Education: B.A. Applied Mathematics and B.A. Astrophysics at UC Berkeley → Ph.D. Candidate in Astrophysics at Caltech

Research Interests: My current focus lies in the realm of stellar evolution and internal stellar oscillations with applications to pre-supernova outbursts and tidal evolution of exoplanets. I have also worked on interacting stellar binaries and tidal disruption events.


Teaching: I developed my passion for teaching while working at the UC Berkeley Student Learning Center, and I remain dedicated to mentoring and STEM pedagogy through the Certificate of Practice in University Teaching at Caltech. I am also a mentor for the LAMAT Institute , a REU at UCSC. See my mentee's amazing work here!.

Outreach: Stargazing Lecture for Caltech Astro Outreach

Equity & Inclusion: I currently serve on the organizing committee for Caltech's Gender Minorities and Women in PMA, GWIPMA.


Email: scwu@caltech.edu